The Traveller’s Conservation Copy Stand (TCCS 4232)

koffer-offen manfred-am-geraet traveller

The Traveller’s Conservation Copy Stand (TCCS 4232), a portable copy stand, was developed by Manfred Mayer, engineer and conservator at the University Library Graz, Austria, on behalf of the VESTIGIA – Manuscript Research Centre.

This copy stand allows time efficient digitization of rare and sensitive books and manuscripts, where careful handling and book support is required. The copy stand was developed to match VESTIGIA’s need to support the digization of printed and manuscript material from collections in Eastern and South-East Europe. These items can not leave their collections, therefore it was necessary to develop a portable copy stand to take to them that would meet conservation standards.

The Traveller is portable, cost efficient and space saving. Items up to 42 x 32 cm can be photographed. After the camera is best positioned and in focus, a special tool ensures that each following picture is perfectly focused and scaled to the same dimensions.

The Traveller comes with all necessary accessories including high-efficiency LED lights. Any professional digital camera with a USB port can be used.

Reference customers (August 2014)

See: Traveller-Reference (pdf)