The Research Centre

Vestigia, lat.: traces

The name of the research centre is in some sense programmatic: research on historical libraries, on manuscripts and ancient books is a specific kind of tracing, not only with regard to collections at remote places e.g. in Eastern regions.


The research centre VESTIGIA is devoted to opening up historical collections of our written and printed heritage (manuscripts, incunabula, deeds, prints, maps, autographs etc.).

The process of opening collections comprises several aspects:

The cross-faculty centre VESTIGIA is annexed to the Special Collections Department of the University Library Graz/Austria. This department is holding more than 250.000 old books, among them > 2.000 medieval manuscripts and > 1.000 incunabula.

Additionally, VESTIGIA is engaged in opening historical libraries at several places national and international, e.g. Sofia, Ohrid, Tirana, Yerevan. The relevant works are carried out in pre-defined projects and always in close cooperation with local authorities and partners.